How to do Astral Projection the RIGHT way!

  1. Clear your mind from fears and misdirections. You will need to debunk all the myths. Astral projection is safe, you will always return, and you cannot get lost. You cannot get possessed, trapped or lose your body; you always return, always, even if you do not want to:
    1. Read stuff about Astral Projection around this blog as well as other literature online as well as form books.
    2. Coaching sessions can always help if you are feeling stuck. This is one option: (click here.)
    3. Joining my Astral Projection course will give you complete access to a 5+ hours worth of video courses. It keeps on growing as I release new classes every now and then! Also, you will be able to ask me any questions that you may need help with. I invite you to check it out clicking right here.
  2. Silence your mind. You just need to learn to silence your mind entirely for several minutes. Takes dedication, but if you put in your will, it is easy:
    1. Using a post-it, train your mind’s parrot to shut up! Get started with starting a post-it and focusing all your throughs into it (paste it on a blank wall.) Once you can, remove the post it and keep a visual of it in your mind. Once you can, remove this only thought left from your mind, keeping a blank mind. Check it out in detail right here.
    2. Focus on your breathing. You do not need to focus on other than your breath. Help yourself with the previous exercise if focusing on your breathing alone is still hard. As you focus on your breathing, keep relaxing your body.
    3. Using mantras is also helpful. Easy short mantras for you to repeat in your mind, such as, “I astral project,” or, “I am in the astral plane.” Do this with your mind, do not chant it.
    4. It is important to get to know yourself, to get the most out of your inner peace. Check out how in this article.
  3. Relax your physical body completely. Well… pretty much you need to forget you have a body, so you need to go deeper into relaxation:
    1. Guided meditations can help you with that, and you can find some at my site as well. Check them out here.
    2. Practice the 61-point relaxation technique. I might talk about this in the future, but meanwhile, you can find a lot of stuff about it online.
    3. Focus on your feet, knees, lower legs. Upper legs, waist, lower belly area, lower back area, upper chest area, upper back area, hands, elbows, shoulders, neck, face, forehead, your entire head and right above your head (crown). Starting from the feet and going up in order (do pairs when it is the case, such as feet or hands), focus on each one of them. For each, take a deep breath, and as you let you the air, visualize this area getting deeply relaxed, or vanishing away.
  4. When you reach the vibrations, pull out. Once the three first steps are met, and you are in this state for a while, you will eventually vibrate. If you ignore these vibrations, you will go into a lucid dream but if you focus on them, and visualize floating… you are out! Use an exit technique to get out such:
    1. A hanging rope: Visualize a rope hanging right above you, reach it with your astral arms (imagine them if you cannot see them) and pull.
    2. Rolling out: Just visualize yourself rolling back and left, until you suddenly, have your astral body ejected from your physical body.
    3. Floating out: My favorite, just visualize the sensation of floating, more and more, feel it around your entire being, until you find yourself in the astral body!

We, here at myastralprojectionguide helped you on your way towards Astral Projection!

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